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Aura Scanning

Aura Scanning

Aura Scanning

Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every human body, every living organism and every object in the Universe. This electromagnetic field consists of magnetic energies of various densities that are emitted from the physical body in an oval shape at an approximate distance of 1-3 meters around it.

The aura of each individual consists of several interconnected energetic layers that are responsible for our feelings, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical health. Imbalance in any of these layers can lead to manifestation of the problem in our life (e.g. emotional disturbances in someone who has an imbalance in the “emotional” layer) as well as have a knockdown effect on the other energy layers.

Many holistic therapies such as Reiki, Crystal Therapy, NAET and Homeopathy act on our energetic body eliminating energetic imbalances and thus bringing about permanent health improvements.

The only problem here is that our aura is invisible to the human eye therefore some don’t know about its existence while others even argue that it doesn’t exist. There are, however, several devices that can transform energetic frequencies of the body into visual images that we would be able to observe and analyze. One of these devices is called the Kirlian Camera. It was discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939. Kirlian Camera was performing first shots of the electromagnetic field surrounding our body or our aura. Since then the technology has evolved and we have more powerful devices that are able to make shots, analyze and take video of the changes in the aura over time.

Following a thorough study of all the available devices and choosing the most accurate one we are happy to offer you an aura scanning procedure using the Winaura Pro system, which is the most advanced system in the field of aura imaging. This system allows us to take a snapshot of the aura and provides a full report on the physical and mental state of our wellbeing. The results of the report are in line with the latest research in the field of bioenergetics and quantum physics.

Winaura Pro is a tool that wonderfully complements our reiki sessions since it allows us to take video during the healing session and to monitor changes in the energy field that happen over time as well as to record them for your video library.