Bioresonance Therapy

What is bioresonance therapy (BRT)?

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) – is a therapy that uses therapeutic effect of electromagnetic waves to heal the organism The effect of electromagnetic frequencies was first discovered by Dr Rife in 1930th, who accidentally found out that certain frequencies can kill bacteria. After researching frequencies for most of his life he had found that frequencies can positively affect our body on the cellular, on the systemic level and on the level of individual organs bringing the whole organism to a natural balance. He postulated that this beneficial effect occurs due to the resonance of the body’s natural frequencies with the waves sent out by the bioresonance devices (DeVita ap, DeVita Ritm, other Bioresonance devices), which stimulate it to start vibrating at the healthy frequencies.

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is great for anybody but it is especially useful for people who:

  • do not tolerate medication
  • have chronic or serious illness
  • suffer from various allergies
  • who want to preserve their health and to preventive development of serious illnesses

What does BRT treatment consists of:

The first step is conduction of a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism by vegetative resonance test (VRT).

The VRT diagnosis will show if there are any organ imbalances, parasitic presence, mineral or hormonal deficiencies, electromagnetic or geopathogenic influence on the body and much more. This information forms the basis for lifestyle change recommendations and suggestions for the treatment plan with Bioresonance Therapy (BRT), or other methods such as homeopathy, supplements or nutritional therapy.

Advantages of bio-resonance therapy (BRT):

BRT works without application of medications on the body

Since the BRT devices are portable, the treatment can take place over a long period of time, at home, work or anywhere else without taking any of your time

BRT might help your regular medication work more effectively through support of organs and promotion of natural detoxification

It can be used for prophylactic purposes before serious pathology develops

It is impossible to overdose on it because the unnecessary frequencies simply will not work It can be used on most people with only contraindications of: a pacemaker; transplanted organs, the first trimester of pregnancy and serious mental diseases