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Psychology is the science that studies mind and behavior. There are many causes behind our behaviors, including biological, genetic, emotional, social, developmental etc.

From our experience psychological problems can result from various causes:

  1. Nutrient imbalances, in which case nutrition and specifically the metabolic type diet would be your ideal remedies.
  2. Emotional disturbances or past psychological traumas. Homeopathy, NAET, spiritual psychology, reiki or guided meditation could help you find the peace of body and mind.
  3. Due to imbalance in the energy system (e.g. in the meridians or chakras). In this case reiki could be the ideal solution.

Some of these methods are scientific (e.g. Nutritional Therapy), while others are not understood by the modern science at all (e.g. Reiki, homeopathy). Nonetheless we have seen a lot of people dramatically improving with these natural therapies. All that we ask for is to have an open mind, dedication and a bit of patience. Natural remedies work slower than allopathic medication because rather than just remove the symptoms, they are work by strengthening you from the inside stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Your decision should be based on that which is closer to your heart, natural or chemical, intuitive or scientific. Just trust yourself!