Price List

Nutritional consultation with individualized dietary plan – €50. Body composition measurement (body fat/muscle/liquid measure) – €15. Colonic hydrotherapy – Single Treatment €80. Food intolerance testing (Kinesiology and/or bio-resonance testing) – €80. Full body bio-resonance testing and follow ups – €80. Bioresonance Therapy – €50. Metabolic typing test – €100. Homeopathic consultation – First consultation €80. […]

Aura Scanning

Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every human body, every living organism and every object in the Universe. This electromagnetic field consists of magnetic energies of various densities that are emitted from the physical body in an oval shape at an approximate distance of 1-3 meters around it. The aura of each individual consists […]

Υδροθεραπεια Παχεοσ Εντερου

  «Όσοι δεν αφιερώνουν καθημερινά λίγο χρόνο για την υγεία τους θα πρέπει να θυσιάσουν περισσότερο χρόνο κάποια μέρα στην αρρώστια τους» Πάτερ Σεμπάστιαν Ναϊμπ (Ιδρυτής της Νέας Υδροθεραπείας)   Τι είναι η υδροθεραπεία του παχέος εντέρου; Η υδροθεραπεία του παχέος εντέρου είναι ένας ασφαλής και αποτελεσματικός τρόπος αφαίρεσης των τοξινών ή της δυσκολοχώνευτης τροφής, […]


Detoxification is the process of toxins removal from our body. Toxins can be stored in the lymphatic system, in the liver, in the nervous system (such as heavy metals) and the majority of them reside in the fatty tissues (preventing us from losing weight, which is why detoxification is a desired prerequisite for any weight […]

Weight Loss

Permanent weight reduction is a very difficult target to achieve. There are a lot of dietary programs that offer dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time but a lot of them are not successful at achieving the ultimate goal – PERMANENT WEIGHT REDUCTION. And do you think this happens? It happens because […]


Reiki Τι είναι το ΡΕΙΚΙ; Το Ρέικι είναι μία ενεργειακή μέθοδος από την Ιαπωνία που έχει ευεργετικά αποτελέσματα, όπως χαλάρωση και νοητική ηρεμία, μείωση του άγχους και βελτίωση της υγείας.   Αυτή η μέθοδος χρησιμοποιεί το άγγιγμα των χεριών και βασίζεται πάνω στην ιδέα ότι μία αόρατη «δύναμη ζωτικής ενέργειας» διοχετεύεται μέσα από τον άνθρωπο και […]


Psychology is the science that studies mind and behavior. There are many causes behind our behaviors, including biological, genetic, emotional, social, developmental etc. From our experience psychological problems can result from various causes: Nutrient imbalances, in which case nutrition and specifically the metabolic type diet would be your ideal remedies. Emotional disturbances or past psychological […]

Allergy TreatmentE

(Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) SAY GOODBYE TO ALLERGIES Hay fever, asthma, reactivity to animal dander, food intolerances, side effects of drugs, allergies of all kinds and related illnesses. Now there is a rational, efficient and harmless way to get rid of them and to strengthen your body. WHAT IS NAET? NAET is a natural, non-invasive […]


Homeopathy (a Greek word meaning “similar suffering”) is a system of medicine which treats disease by the use of natural substances (e.g. minerals, plants, animals etc.). Individual remedies are first tested on healthy individuals and all the symptoms produce are thoroughly written down. Then when a specific remedy is administered to a person suffering from […]

Nutritional TherapyE

What is nutritional therapy? Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of optimum health and peak performance, disease prevention and patient care. Can nutritional therapy help me? It is not a secret that large percentage of diseases results from improper nutrition. As Hippocrates (460BC-377BC) said: “We are what we eat” and […]